laundry powder QQ917652937 TEL15864052136

laundry powder QQ917652937 TEL15864052136

 We are topseller Co.,Ltd, a manufacture and exporter in China for detergent powder, soap, ect. And our goods are enjoying a good marketin Asia, Africa, south America and middle-east, and also work as OEM for Sunny brand in Singapore. We supply detergent in various levels with competive pirce and produce as per costomer's different reqeust.




1. Especially suits for washing baby's clothing.

2. Non-phosphorus formula, don’t contain tallow oil, avoid bse pollution risk, environmental protection, safe and healthy;

3. Contain compound surfactant and biological active enzyme, powerful removing stubborn stains;

4. Protect the skins and fibre, clothes will be soft, gentle, comfortable after washing, more suitable for washing the close-fitting clothing and children clothing;

5. Effectively eliminates the peculiar smell, make clothes more healthy, scent is pleasant.

6. low foam, rinsing easily, water-saving, electricity-saving, time-saving.

7. international popular perfume, aroma lasting after washing

8. With protease enzyme, which remove toughest stains easily, such as milk stains, blood stains.

9. With oxygen bleaching materials, it can make colorful cloth brightener.


Product Origin: China
Model Number: skype:topsellernike
Brand Name: washing powder from China

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Company Name: Topseller Chemicals Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Nike Xu
Address: Beima South Road,LongkouCity,Shandong China
Zip: 265702
Telephone: 86-15864052136
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